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Legal Department

Legal Department

At its October 23rd (introduction) and November 13th (final adoption) meeting, the Monroe City Council is expected to vote on the 2018-2020 Monroe Fire Fighters Association International Association of Fire Fighters (AFL-CIO) Local Union #629 union contract which was ratified by union members. A copy of the agreement is linked here: MFFA-COM-Agreement (pdf).

"The Legal Department strives to provide the City of Monroe, the Mayor, the City Council and all departments, offices and agencies of the City with competent legal representation in all areas of the law." 

The Legal department is comprised of the city attorney, and one assistant city attorney; One legal clerk, one paralegal and one administrative assistant. As legal adviser to the MayorCity Council and all departments, offices and agencies of the City, the Legal Department seeks to promote good, efficient and responsible government within bounds of federal and state constitutions and laws for all of the citizens of the City of Monroe.

With the other departments, offices and agencies of the City, the Legal Department works to fulfill the duties and responsibilities incumbent upon local government for the citizens of the City.

The City Attorney

The City Attorney is the head of the Legal Department Department. The City Attorney is the chief legal adviser to the Mayor, and City Council, and all departments, offices, and agencies of the City. The Legal Department represents the City in all legal proceedings and performs other duties prescribed by the charter, ordinance of provisions of state law. The Legal Department also performs other duties and is involved in special projects at the direction of the Mayor or the City Council. The City Attorney appoints, supervises, directs and delegates duties to all assistant city attorneys. All assistant city attorneys serve at the pleasure of the City Attorney. No special counsel can be employed by the City except by written contract and approval of the City Council.

The City Attorney is the chief legal representative of the City in all areas. While the City Attorney may function in any or all areas of the Department, normally duties are assigned or delegated to various assistant city attorneys under the direction, supervision and administration of the City Attorney. The Legal Department is divided into two (2) Divisions and one (1) Sub-Division for administrative purposes.